Smart Search

The only search that thinks the way you do.

ClinicalKey’s Smart Search saves time by preventing unnecessary extra searches. Look up “myocardial infarction,” for example, and Smart Search recognizes its acronyms, synonyms, related surgical procedures and drugs, as well as the fact that it’s a cardiovascular disease associated with high cholesterol.

There’s simply no need to run dozens of searches. Smart Search does the work for you, highlighting connections between medical concepts and pointing to related content and multimedia that conventional search engines might miss.

Clinically relevant results.

No digging through thousands of results. No wasted time. The most current, clinically relevant results appear at the top of your search page. And if you need to refine your results further, ClinicalKey’s filters can sort them by specialty, content type, study type and date.

Features for making the most of your search.

Autosuggest. Saved searches. Search history. The ability to save content for later – without leaving the results page. It’s all designed to bring you the clinical answers you need faster.

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