What is ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine that helps doctors, nurses and other health professionals make better decisions anywhere, anytime, in any patient scenario.

ClinicalKey adapts to your schedule, workflow preferences and information needs, making it easier for you to find and apply relevant knowledge quickly.

How does it work?

It starts with Smart Search.

ClinicalKey answers questions quickly because it thinks like a clinician, recognizing relevant clinical concepts as you type and offering shortcuts to critical answers. ClincialKey keeps you moving by bringing the most clinically relevant content to the top of your results page.

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Make search work for you.

Filter it.

ClinicalKey can narrow results by source type, study type, specialty and date. Results update automatically.

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Scale it.

Search wide. Search narrow. It’s up to you. ClinicalKey can search across all content or within a specific chapter, book, journal or content type.

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Review it.

View your search history to review or retry recent questions, including any filters you may have applied.

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Save it.

If you find something interesting in your results but need to come back to it, save it for later. Customized, searchable tags keep your content organized.

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Fast answers when every second counts.

When you need an immediate answer, ClinicalKey offers more than 1,400 Topic Pages covering disease risk factors, clinical manifestations, treatments and more, as well as links to specialty-specific answers and related drugs.

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Deep access to evidence when time is on your side.

ClinicalKey draws relevant answers from continuously updated, trusted content and multimedia across medical specialties. And it sorts everything for you, placing the most clinically relevant results at the top of the page to give you exactly what you need  faster.

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Already know the source you need?

Use the browse tool to find a specific journal, book, video series or other source. Begin typing the name of your source to narrow the alphabetized list, or filter the names by type or specialty. When new content sources are added to ClinicalKey, the browse tool will keep you updated.

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The interactive content player brings answers to life.

Outlines help you navigate.

Click on the section of the article you want to read, and ClinicalKey takes you there immediately.

Presentation prep is easy.

Drag and drop any image into the Presentation Maker. Citations are included automatically.

Find answers anywhere.

ClinicalKey adapts to any screen size, helping you find fast answers anytime, anywhere.

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More features.

Customized Patient Education Handouts

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Infobutton Integration

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Usage Reports

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