Experience Tour McGill University – Montreal, CAN

McGill University – Montreal, CAN


The ClinicalKey Experience Tour is designed to bring ClinicalKey to physicians, librarians and hospital executives at institutions through one-on-one, interactive, hands-on demos.

The Experience Benefits
  • Heightened awareness and support for ClinicalKey trial, adoption and overall usage
  • One-on-one engagement to try ClinicalKey and ask questions
  • Valuable physician and hospital executive feedback and insights
  • Enhancement of existing hospital or campus events
The Experience Details
  • Designed as a scalable indoor or outdoor event
  • Flexible event schedule to fit institutional needs
  • Physicians and librarians are alerted via pre-event promotion (posters, flyers, emails, etc.)
  • Attendees can stop by for a short demo anytime during the scheduled day
  • Optional attendance prizes and other great giveaways

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