Features for everyone.

I’m a healthcare executive.

ClinicalKey can help your organization improve patient safety and satisfaction, because it drives care standardization, makes your staff more efficient and ensures that every decision is backed by the most current, trusted medical evidence.

What else does ClinicalKey offer healthcare executives?

I’m a clinician.

Save time, improve patient outcomes and keep current with a search engine that offers faster access to quick clinical answers and the latest, most trusted evidence.

What else does ClinicalKey offer clinicians?

I'm a nurse.

Whether you are delivering care to patients or helping your staff master new skills, nurses and nurse educators can trust ClinicalKey to deliver fast answers and trusted evidence. ClinicalKey’s nursing content and features are designed to support better decisions throughout the day – in any care setting or scenario.

What else does ClinicalKey offer nurses?

I’m a medical librarian.

Help your medical staff make better, faster point-of-care decisions by providing fast access to the most current, trusted, evidence-based content.

What else does ClinicalKey offer librarians?

I’m a medical student.

Whether you’re answering questions at the point of care or simply studying for the next big test, ClinicalKey’s fast answers and deep evidence can help you save time and improve your performance.

What else does ClinicalKey offer medical students?