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Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey is designed to answer all your medication questions, empowering you to maximize your time and productivity. Content is continuously updated to include newly released drug products and breaking developments.

Drug Monographs

Detailed drug information for U.S. prescription drugs, herbal supplements, nutritional, vitamin and OTC products

Neonatal and Pediatric Specialty Content

Comprehensive content for premature neonates, neonates, infants, children and adolescents written and continuously updated by pediatric/neonatal specialty pharmacists (The Harriet Lane Handbook content also included)

Patient Drug and Disease Education

Consumer medication information, including consumer drug interaction reports, a drug identifier, explanations, symptoms and treatments for 4,000 diagnoses/diseases in 21 languages; helps patients understand and comply with drug regimens

IV Compatibility

Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database content; IV compatibility, clinical pharmaceutics and extemporaneous compounding data from additional sources; ongoing independent IV compatibility studies to ensure the most timely and comprehensive data (exclusively from Elsevier)

Toxicology Resource

Evidence-based information for assessing, diagnosing and managing drug and poisoning emergencies; referential data for conditions, specific agents, plants, mushrooms, environmental, industrial and household products, disasters and terrorism

Oncology Content

CMS-approved compendium for use in Medicare coverage decisions for oncology drugs; includes evidence-based guidance for combination therapies and off-label use of drugs for cancer patients

Drug Class Overviews

Concise, bulleted information and easy-to-read tables to assist with formulary review and therapeutic substitution decisions; includes data highlighting place in therapy and comparative efficacy trial results

Drug Product Identification/Drug Images

Quickly identify unlabeled medications based on imprint/marking or color, shape, scoring and form; results provide full-color drug images, including packaging photos when available

Clinical Calculators

More than 300 clinical calculators, including emergency resuscitation for adults, pediatrics and neonates, kinetic dosing and clinical decision support calculators

Lab Reference

Reference values for laboratory tests given in terms of age, gender and population, along with additional information for interpreting values as applicable

Custom Reports

Compare medications using clinical or product criteria; screen for potential drug interactions or adverse reactions; ingredient-based and route-specific screening protects against false positive and negative alerts

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