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Better answers for big decisions.

ClinicalKey improves care throughout your institution by connecting clinical teams to everything they need: fast, trusted answers and deep access to current evidence – whenever, wherever they need it.

Empower safety.
ClinicalKey enables more informed, more efficient decisions to reduce preventable illnesses and injuries, and, ultimately, improve outcomes.

Empower cost-efficient care.
More informed decisions lead to fewer unnecessary and expensive tests and treatments. That’s good news for patients, clinical staff members, and your organization as a whole.

See it in action.

The Role of Clinical Content in Reducing Care Costs

Discover how quality clinical content can make long-term financial impact.

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“ClinicalKey has decreased time to access medical information and improved evidence-based practice.”
– Librarian, Nationwide Non-Profit Health System
“Helps in deeper research regarding a particular case or topic.”
– Doctor (MD), Large Teaching Hospital
“ClinicalKey is one of the top instruments in our medical research for patients’ care, diagnosis and treatment!”
– Research Director, Community Acute Care Hospital

A trusted approach to quality care and improved outcomes.

Help your clinical staff make the most of their time.

Simply put, ClinicalKey makes the day easier. When a clinician starts typing a question, our Smart Search gets to work immediately, offering shortcuts to topic overviews and related clinical concepts. Smart Search keeps your staff moving by bringing the most clinically relevant answers to the top of their results pages.

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  • Orthopedics
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pain Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics

Better care across patients and specialties.

ClinicalKey helps care teams navigate unique patient scenarios, because it understands complex questions and covers all medical, surgical and nursing specialties. There’s no need to consult a second source.

EHR integration – and a mobile app.

Best of all, it’s designed to become a natural extension of the way your clinical staff already works, because it offers three simple methods for integration with your EHR. Your care teams can also use the ClinicalKey Mobile App for instant point-of-care access to evidence-based knowledge.

ClinicalKey Case Study: Orlando Health

Discover how Orlando Health answered clinician needs using ClinicalKey.

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