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The Reading List

Build your own collection of books, journals and articles to read at your leisure. If you see a result that interests you, but don’t have time to read it right away, you can simply drag it to the box labeled… Read more

Saved Searches

Store frequently used search terms for fast, easy access later. To save your search results, simply click the Saved Searches plus sign in the upper left corner and the Save Search box will open. In the Name box, accept or… Read more


Filter your search results to help get the most clinically relevant answers faster! After you perform a search, on the left panel of the Search Results Page you can refine your search results by content type, specialty and date of… Read more

Blockbuster content at your fingertips!

As you start to use ClinicalKey more and more, you’ll discover a powerful search engine that continually delivers the most relevant clinical answers.  But where are those answers coming from? ClinicalKey is built on an amazing amount of content, including… Read more

Make it Personal!

ClinicalKey is already the most powerful clinical information resource around, but there is one way that you can make it work even harder for you – create a personal account! If you have access to ClinicalKey through your institution, then… Read more

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