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ClinicalKey is the clinical search engine that thinks and works the way you do, making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge.

Empower consistently safe, more cost effective care.

ClinicalKey drives better care by delivering fast, concise answers when every second counts, and deep access to evidence whenever, wherever you need it.

Ask anything. Find your answer fast.

Start typing, and our Smart Search immediately starts suggesting relevant topics, content sources and authors. Ask something more specific in unique patient scenarios – ClinicalKey understands, helping you save time and increase productivity.

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Clinical summaries at your fingertips.

When you need an immediate answer, ClinicalKey offers more than 1,400 Topic Pages with easy access to information about disease risk factors, treatments and more. Topic Pages are designed to help standardize care and improve collaboration.

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Take it wherever you go.

ClinicalKey is mobile-friendly, adapting to any device to help you find fast answers and deep evidence from more than 1,000 full-text reference books, 600 full-text journals, videos, images and more. That means easier access to information (and fewer integration headaches).

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What makes ClinicalKey different?

It keeps your clinical knowledge current. ClinicalKey is continuously updated, so it always offers the most complete and current collection of trusted content and multimedia across medical, surgical, and nursing specialties.

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It gives you more time for the things that matter most. ClinicalKey saves time. It answers questions quickly because it thinks like a clinician, recognizing relevant clinical concepts as you type and offering shortcuts to critical answers.

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It’s conveniently mobile. At the patient’s bedside or on the go, ClinicalKey makes it easy to discover, share and apply clinical content in new ways.

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It improves and standardizes care. Throughout their careers, healthcare professionals worldwide trust Elsevier’s content and technology to support better clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes.

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